In celebration of Michaela’s health…

Today Michaela went to see her consultant. And he told her that he did not want to see her again.

After 26 years!

Let me explain…

Michaela was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis as a teenager- a disease resulting in ulceration of the colon, leading to severe pain, anemia, loss of blood, weight loss and lots of other things. The impact of an illness like this on a young person also resulted in  all sorts of tough psychological challenges.

The illness typically goes from flare ups (leading to hospital admission, or total bed rest) then periods of relative stability. Treatment is with steroids, or imuno-suppressant medication. In Michaela’s case, this meant never feeling fully well, always lacking energy and sometimes being dangerously ill. She coped well though- most people never knew she was ill- and she was careful to avoid letting it dominate her life fully.

But she was always ill- I was looking at some old photo’s the other day taken when William was a baby. There was Michaela, like a beautiful doll. Skinny and ghost-white with anemia. How she coped with looking after a little baby I am not sure.

I got distracted- looking at all these old photographs… memories…

But anyway- on with the story. We moved to Scotland in 2002, and since then, Michaela has been well. Not just better than she was- but completely symptom free.

The doctors have been doubtful and a little puzzled, constantly asking her in for more tests, which she has increasingly resisted.

Whatever the reason, we are grateful.

And it gives me a chance to celebrate the beautiful woman (inside and out) that married me by digging out some photos.

It must be love….

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