Jura trip- Aoradh wilderness retreat, 2010…

We are back safe, if a little sore and stiff.

A wonderful couple of days, with showers giving way to sunshine and deep blue skies.

A camp site at the head of a bay ringed with cliffs and high hills, in direct line with the famous Corryvrecken whirlpool (the third largest in the world) which could be heard roaring at low tide from over a mile away.

Wildlife that you had to see to believe- sea eagles, wild goats, deer, cuckoos, seals, otters (and unfortunately, lots of ticks!)

Walks that scrambled from beach, shore caves and natural arches up to lofty vantage points where the views took in the whole world.

Good company, good conversation and camp fires to share.

Jura Whisky (Thanks Terry and Bonny!)

Times to pray, reflect, discuss- to recalibrate and allow something of God to seep into the soul.

If it is like this in heaven I’ll not be disapointed (perhaps minus the Ticks.)

So- some photos. Click to enlarge- it is worth it.

4 thoughts on “Jura trip- Aoradh wilderness retreat, 2010…

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