Jura trip- Aoradh wilderness retreat, 2010…

We are back safe, if a little sore and stiff.

A wonderful couple of days, with showers giving way to sunshine and deep blue skies.

A camp site at the head of a bay ringed with cliffs and high hills, in direct line with the famous Corryvrecken whirlpool (the third largest in the world) which could be heard roaring at low tide from over a mile away.

Wildlife that you had to see to believe- sea eagles, wild goats, deer, cuckoos, seals, otters (and unfortunately, lots of ticks!)

Walks that scrambled from beach, shore caves and natural arches up to lofty vantage points where the views took in the whole world.

Good company, good conversation and camp fires to share.

Jura Whisky (Thanks Terry and Bonny!)

Times to pray, reflect, discuss- to recalibrate and allow something of God to seep into the soul.

If it is like this in heaven I’ll not be disapointed (perhaps minus the Ticks.)

So- some photos. Click to enlarge- it is worth it.

Wilderness trip, Jura- next weekend…

A few of us are heading out to do some wild camping on the west coast of Jura this coming weekend.

We try to use it as a ‘retreat’- and share some deliberately spiritual activities, as well as a lot of laughter and the odd campfire…

I chartered a couple of boat runs to take us out there from Ardfern- the boat will go out through the amazing Gulf of Correvrecken with it’s world famous whirlpool, and drop us off on the wild north west of Jura. This is utterly wild country, no roads, few paths. Lots of wildlife.

Because (as always happens with these trips it seems) a few people have had to drop out at the last moment, we are down to around 11 people, and this means that we only need one boat run.

If anyone else still fancies coming along- it is not too late! It would be a shame not to use the boat we have booked…

Drop me a line if interested…

Landfall, Scarba, 2009

Aoradh wilderness trip 2010- update…

Just to confirm where things are up to with the plans for our trip to Jura on May 1st.

In discussion with the boat operator, I have opted for Pig Bay rather than Glengarisdale. This means that we miss out on having a Bothy, which may have come in useful, but there are caves, and I will take a tarp to rig up if we really need some shelter to cook/commune under. Glengarisdale was just too much of a risk in terms of safe landing and (more particularly) pick-up once landed.

In terms of numbers-

6 people signed up through ‘Emerging Scotland’ site.

3 of us from Dunoon

2 from Preston

2 others from Glasgow

Plus Terry coming out for the boat trip on either the send or the return

(And two dogs!)

Plus 3 possibles-

One bloke from Bute, who has said he wants to come.

Simon M?

Nick- does not think he can make it.

Should be a nice mix of people- and this time, there are 3 WOMEN as part of our gathering!

This gives us the nice problem of needing more than one boat trip. At present, I have provisionally booked an outward trip at 7AM and 8AM on the 1st. Have not been able to confirm returns yet for the Monday, but in the past these have been mid morning.

So- can you please confirm whether you are definitely coming.  If you say yes, then I am afraid you are committing to paying your share of the boat costs even if you drop out!

There are also still be a few places left if you know of any others who might want to join us yet… It would be good to fill the second boat as well…

Really looking forward to the weekend!

WANTED- people ready for some small adventures…


So- a new year turns.

If you are like me, you will have been indulging in a little self examination- thinking about how life has been, and what possibilities the new year might bring.

Perhaps you have had thoughts of stepping out the old routines, and opening up some new things- finding new places, new connections and deeper spirituality.

Perhaps you are ready for some adventure. Small ones perhaps- not all of us are Bear Grylls!

Anyone fancy some fish by the way?

Assuming that this is not your fancy- how about joining us for trips into the wilderness to find something slightly more palatable?

If so, we at Aoradh would love to hear from you.

We are planning some trips out into the wild places hereabout- to find places where we can appreciate the beauty of the mountains and hills about us, and also to use some of these spaces for group and individual meditation. These will mostly be based within Argyll, Scotland- or in the Cowal Area, where we are based.

Nick and I have been working on some wilderness meditations- some of which are on the aoradh website- here. We would very much appreciate some folk who are willing to be our guinea pigs (or should I say, Red Squirrels) as we give them a wider road test.

As part of this, a few of us are planning a trip to a small uninhabited island on the bank holiday that begins Friday the 1st of May. We have not finally decided the venue for this yet- there are a couple of possibles, and it rather depends on transport. Past trips away have included trips to Coll, Little Cumbrae and the Garvellachs.

The format of these trips has been that people are prepared to be self supporting- with their own camping and back packing gear. We will then make our own small community for a weekend, in a beautiful, wild and uninhabited space.

For the weekend trip, there may be some transport costs- but that is all, we are not interested in profit- but rather in friendship with each other and a deeper relationship with God.

So we are clear about the legalities of this- we offer a partnership- not a package tour. You come at your own risk!

For those who need to be more organised- we have set some dates for later in the year when we hope to organise one day events- which will include a mediation around a ‘found’ space in the wilderness- caves, rivers, mountains etc.

16th May (Family weekend??)

20th June

18th July

19th September

24th October

contact me for more info!

Pull up a log- sit by the fire. The Kettle is on…