Inside our new workshops…


Pottery workshop 4

I took some photos yesterday of what our new workshops look like. Michaela’s is much prettier than mine and is likely to stay that way! I love the functionality of mine though…

Firstly though, here is the first thing made in the new space- a clock destined for the Tree Shop.


Remember that we have lots of workshops in the pipeline, should you fancy trying your hand at pottery- check out out this page for details.


Michaela’s pottery workshops/courses…

Michaela's bowls, underside

Perhaps you watched ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ and thought to yourself “I’d like a go at that…” If so, this could be your lucky day.

My lovely wife has has a new pottery space in our Garden- and is running a whole host of courses. You can find out more about them on our website, here.

She is away today on Bute working with a group of people, glazing mugs they made a couple of weeks ago- part of what she does is to design packages around groups or families. Again, you can get some idea of what she does by checking out the options and prices at the bottom of this page.

We also have some particular dates in the diary, so if you are local, or up here on holiday then you would be welcome. I will probably be the tea boy.

First Friday Fun – relax at the end of a busy week with clay and tea and a fun project to work on. £20. 7.30 – 9.00pm

April 7th – make a beautiful vase – book in here

May 5th – make your very own mug – book in here

June 2nd – a set of words to see you through the week – book in here

Second Saturday –  your chance to make something bigger £60 for the day 10.00 – 12.00 and 1.00 – 3.00

May 13th – make a toast rack and four egg cups

June 10th – make a free standing clock

August 12th – beach combing, poetry and pots…

Monday Making – join me on Monday evenings to work on your own projects but with ideas and advice on hand. £15 for 2 hours. Clay (£6 for half a bag) and glazes purchased separately.  Contact us to book in or make an enquiry.

Kids and Clay – after school club for six years and up.

Six places available on Fridays 4.00 – 5.30pm – we will work together on fun projects which the youngsters will get to keep once their pieces are fired – £50 for five sessions (£40 for second siblings, message me for a discount code) – first block starting 21st April, second block starting 2nd June. Book in here.

Teen Times – a weekly session for teens – they will get to work on their own projects – a book with ceramic covers, pots for jewellery, chess pieces… whatever they want to have a go at – inspiration and advice will be on hand.

Thursday evenings 6.30 – 8.00pm – £50 for five sessions (£40 for second siblings, message me for a discount code). Book in here.


The shed rises…

All men (and some women) need a shed.

Ours is rather more important however- it will form the basis of a substantial part of our income. It will consist of three rooms, one for pottery, one for stock storage, one for woodwork. It has already been months of work to get this far; demolishing the rotten former sheds, then rebuilding the foundations, installing a new wooden framework on which the sheds will sit and then finally, awaiting the fine men from Beaver Timber to come and erect the new building.

Here it is, in all its spray-tan wonder!

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Truth war…


Truth War


My truth has magic

Said the Shamen

It twinkles in the starlight


My truth is truer than yours

Said the Priest, clutching close his leather-bound book


My truth is more scientific than yours

Said the Scientist, slightly singed by her own Bunsen burner


I’ll be the Judge of that

Said the Judge, looking down from the high ledge of the law


Truth is more nuanced than that

Said the Philosopher, plucking at a loose thread in his cardigan


My truth sells better than yours

Said the Editor, with a smear of ink on his face like war paint


Our truth is more accessible than yours

Said the Web, counting each trivial click as quiescence


My truth is more selective than yours

Said the Politician, spewing out statistics to make her point


And my truth is loudest

Said Trump


But my truth has magic

Said the Shamen

It twinkles in the starlight