After the apocalypse, live…

I don’t think I have shared these short extracts from our recent debut performance of ‘After the apocalypse‘, featuring the magnificence of Yvonne Lyon on keys/vocals along with Emily/vocals on fiddle and Will on guitar/vocals, both of Mactalla fame.

This is the line up we are hoping to take on the road as the year unfolds, but untill we had actually done a live performance, it was a total unknown quantity.

In the end, we booked the lovely Uig Hall and had a fantastic night. If I hoped for anything, it was to curate a happening, in which we collectively found depth and meaning. I think we managed this and more.

Thanks to James for all the techie stuff, and once again to Si Smith for his fantastic images.

(We are still open for venues/hosts by the way- get in touch if this is of interest.)

Golgotha: Easter 2023…





It was not the end you’d want

But (as it turned out) it was no end at all

Instead, flowers still grew,

Birds still sang

Children still laughed

The still-moon dipped its rim

Into the still-blue sea of Galilee.


It was a terrible place to die

But (as it turned out) we did not die at all

Instead, we stood waist-deep

Reeking from the worst that

Old Golgotha was

But were not consumed

We were not doomed.


It was a place of no return

But (as it turned out) return we will

To the garden that grew us

To the mother that made us

To the brother who broke us

And the spirit that woke us

From our Golgotha.