Some music on Monday 2- Insane Clown Posse…

(In total contrast to my previous post!)

Did any of you read this story in the weekend Guardian a couple of weeks ago? Bizarre was the first word to come to mind…

It concerns the recent decision by the Insane Clown Posse to come out as ‘Christians’-

Foul mouthed, misogynist, violent and aggressive Christians perhaps- but apparently this image was really all an act to get on the wavelength of their audience, so they can hit them with the ‘message’.

If you are not familiar with ICP (and I confess they are not on my MP3 player) here is a sample of their new Christian output-

(Warning! Sweary words abound…)

The Guardian article reveals the two members of ICP as somewhat troubled and confused, so I am not going to have a go. I hope they find something of meaning in spite of all the baggage they seem to be carrying with them.

What is interesting is the clash of cultural world views.

On the one hand, you have gangsta rap, celebrating the stabbing of whores, violent threats and the carrying of weapons.

On the other hand you have conservative Christianity, with it’s distrust of science, and it’s desire to find evidence for God in nature.

All wrapped up in a shallow manipulative image- behind which real people have lost themselves.


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