Pentecost bonfire tomorrow…

So- we remember the beginning of church, through the inspiration of the Spirit of God coming to live in and through us.

If you are local- come and join Aoradh for our Pentecost beach bonfire- Sunday, 3.30 on Ardentinny beach. Bring something to throw on a BBQ, but more importantly- bring yourself!

I saw this clip today- and it hit me with what a wonderful thing the church is- full of hope and good things…

And on a day when Archbish Williams got himself in to some controversy by making some political statements (well done Rowan I say!) here he is speaking about Pentecost-


2 thoughts on “Pentecost bonfire tomorrow…

  1. Hi, thanks for this post, it’s been a challenging Sunday and at Mass the priest noticed and commented about having my hands full with my 5 year old son. (not to mention my wriggly 2 yr old!) The ongoing reasons and hence effects are very stressful and watching the inspirational video made me cry buckets. As for Dr Rowan, hurrah for him. I liked the phrase ‘painfully stale’. I’ve made a note of it and want to use it more often in conversation! (Remember Stephen Fry in Blackadder ‘Corporal punishment’?)

  2. Hi there. This is Michaela, Chris’s wife. I felt I had to reply to you, Nik, although normally obviously this is Chris’s domain! I don’t know you, or your circumstances, but can identify so much with your comment on this post, and the next one, so I hope I am not totally off the mark. I remember when our daughter was four and would run round the church when the music started (she called it dancing). One day she was a little off colour, and sat on my knee through the service, and someone came up to me afterwards and said they were glad to see that she was learning how to behave in church. I was so hurt and upset. Parenting is so hard, and no-one knows our kids as we do, and it is exhausting. It was a hard decision a few years ago to step out of church, particularly because of the kids, hoping we were giving them a good experience of faith outside of church, but never actually knowing which way things would go. Our daughter has turned out to be a young woman full of colour and life and she makes me so proud and so I would stay hang in there, joy and colour and freedom may seem distant, but they will be yours.

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