Aoradh daily meditation- Justin’s lovely poem…

After a short break, Aoradh have continued the daily meditation by e-mail thing.

I think we had a break because life gets in the way of such daily production- particularly when only a few folk are really keen on the discipline of writing daily, or creating daily.

But we have started again- with help! If you would like to be added to the circulation list, and so receive a (more or less) daily e-mail, drop me a line

Thanks to the joy of the internet, connections are possible over hundreds- even thousands of miles, so it is that we have had two ‘guest’ contributors to our daily meditations last week and this week.

Last week we had a lovely selection of quotes and pictures from Dorothy Neilsen.

This week, poetry by Justin Heap (from Nashville, Tennessee, USA) which I am really looking forward to as, well- poetry is my thing! And also because Justin can write like this- his first meditation of the week…

You will die. Let these be words

to prove hope in light of faith,

words to grow heavy on the chest

to prove light in hope of faith,

that resurrection always

follows death in this kingdom.

Take what you will, taw and busk,

for rich soil always welcomes poor

seeds looking to change, to live.

Thanks Justin- beautiful!

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