The houses of the Kingdom…

Been doing more Greenbelt thinking- it is only a few days away after all! If you are going to the festival, Aoradh’s worship slot in the Worship Collective (Used to be called New Forms Cafe) is first up- 7.00pm on Friday.

The GB theme this year is ‘dreams of home’, and we have used this to consider something of the contrast between our house-obsessed culture, and the deeper things of home that we long for- resulting for most of us in a kind of yearning, that might be called ‘homesickness’.

For many Christians, this impulse seems to have resulted in a deliberate focus on ‘heaven’- as in some place that we go to when we die. In doing this, the danger is that we enter into that old dual thinking trap- we split into sacred/profane, temporary/eternal. What seems to have happened at times is that our religion became an escape pod from this doomed planet.

This is not the way of Jesus.

How might our homes reflect this then?

I turn once more to the Jesus manifesto from Matthew chapter 5…


Beatitudes for houses


Blessed is the house of the poor in spirit (for this home belongs to theKingdomofHeaven.)


Blessed is the house of those who mourn (for their homes will be places of comfort.)


Blessed is the house of the meek (For their house is bigger than the whole earth.)


Blessed is the house of those who long for righteousness (for their homes will be pregnant with grace.)


Blessed are houses full of mercy (for love will rest in them.)


Blessed are the house of the pure in heart (for God will be ever present.)


Blessed are the houses of the peacemakers (The sons and daughters of the Living God.)


Blessed are the houses that are broken because of Jesus. (The Kingdom of heaven is no earthly insurance policy.)




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