Aoradh worship event materials…

A few folk asked about the use we put to images and other materials from our GB worship event.

I have uploaded them to Google docs and so they should be available here-

I have included a script and seperate versions of a couple of the poems used. The powerpoint doc was too big, but if anyone is interested, drop me a line and we will find a way!

Below are some of the slides of houses, which we displayed with the house beatitudes added.

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The houses of the Kingdom…

Been doing more Greenbelt thinking- it is only a few days away after all! If you are going to the festival, Aoradh’s worship slot in the Worship Collective (Used to be called New Forms Cafe) is first up- 7.00pm on Friday.

The GB theme this year is ‘dreams of home’, and we have used this to consider something of the contrast between our house-obsessed culture, and the deeper things of home that we long for- resulting for most of us in a kind of yearning, that might be called ‘homesickness’.

For many Christians, this impulse seems to have resulted in a deliberate focus on ‘heaven’- as in some place that we go to when we die. In doing this, the danger is that we enter into that old dual thinking trap- we split into sacred/profane, temporary/eternal. What seems to have happened at times is that our religion became an escape pod from this doomed planet.

This is not the way of Jesus.

How might our homes reflect this then?

I turn once more to the Jesus manifesto from Matthew chapter 5…


Beatitudes for houses


Blessed is the house of the poor in spirit (for this home belongs to theKingdomofHeaven.)


Blessed is the house of those who mourn (for their homes will be places of comfort.)


Blessed is the house of the meek (For their house is bigger than the whole earth.)


Blessed is the house of those who long for righteousness (for their homes will be pregnant with grace.)


Blessed are houses full of mercy (for love will rest in them.)


Blessed are the house of the pure in heart (for God will be ever present.)


Blessed are the houses of the peacemakers (The sons and daughters of the Living God.)


Blessed are the houses that are broken because of Jesus. (The Kingdom of heaven is no earthly insurance policy.)




Dave Andrews on violence and the Beatitudes…

Is it possible to turn from violence?

It is there in all of our interactions. As Dave says- plan A is usually to repay violence with violence. To take what injury we feel, and look to make someone else pay- either as an individual, or as a group.

I have been thinking about this in relation to the place of my work. Those people who treat me badly- whose interactions are characterised by hard, angry and overly rigid attitudes. Or at least it seems that way to me and those with whom I confide.

And I find myself carrying this violence into my own responses- it shapes the way that I defend, then set up my own small plans of violent resistance.

Sometimes I manage to carry the beatitudes into these interactions- not just outwardly, but actually in the way I think and feel. But not often.

So that is my prayer. To be Christlike.

To measure victory not in terms of overcoming by violence- but in overcoming by something far deeper- called (for want of a better word) love.

God grant me the serenity to not want to change the people that I want to change…

The Spirituality of the circle…


The spirituality of the circle, which implies littleness, love of little things, and humility, is not easy in our world. We are schooled from an early age to go up the ladder of human promotion, to be outstanding, to succeed and to win prizes; we are taught to fend for ourselves and to be independent. We are taught how important it is to possess knowledge, success, power, and reputation. We are taught to put external values over and above internal ones. However, the Gospels call us to love and live the Beatitudes; to die to ourselves. Community and Growth by Jean Vanier

Rejoice and be glad because great is your reward in heaven…

Come with me my loved oneslet_the_earth_rejoice_bmug.jpg

Come into this Kingdom of mine

Shake free your feet

From concrete shoes

And dance

With me

Let me speak some tender words my loved one

For my heart is laid

Wide open

Ventricle and clavicle

Could easily be


Hear my distant voice

Dancing in the mountains

My music in these flowers

And flowing in the fountains

Come away with me my love

In this hillside let us…



Apple of my

Shining eye

Lily of my valley.

Blessed are those who mourn – Beatitudes

Blessed are those whose days lie
Black with death.

Blessed are those whose guilt
Rises like a claw to the throat

Who could have done

Who should have done

So much

And blessed are those whose anger is bright wet
Like a sucking wound

Blessed are they in their rage
Blessed are they in their betrayal
Blessed in their

And blessed is the blaming
Blessed is the shaming

Blessed is the crying

These blessed children trying
To bring their loved ones


How blessed
Are they

For it is
To this place

My Kingdom comes.

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Blessed are those who are persecuted…

Blessed are they who are persecuted because of me…

Blessed are the unfashionable

Blessed are those who dare to be


And blessed are those who receive the scorn2273church_in_poso.jpg

Of others, because they know me

Blessed are those who are guilty

By association

And blessed are those who become the subject

Of gossip

Blessed are they in stunted careers

And broken friendships

Blessed are those who

Know rejection

Because of my name

january_jan11guantanamobayarrivalproc.jpg And blessed are the prison bars

Blessed is the lash

Blessed are the roaring lions

Blessed are the broken bodies

Bless this human


Bless them in their suffering

Bless them in their pain

And give to them

The keys to my


From ‘the beatitudes’- the whole thing is here.

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Blessed are the meek

Blessed are the meek…

Blessed are those whose hearts are open
But whose pockets are empty

Blessed are the small people
Blessed are they in their

Blessed is
Their lack of influence

And blessed are those who have
No guile
No artistry
No significance

Blessed are those who come with nothing
Because I would give them


I say it clearly
In common language-

Blessed are they
Because they shall
Own the earth

And through them
I am establishing

My Kingdom

From ‘The Beatitudes’, the rest can be found complete- here

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Blessed are the merciful – Beatitudes

Blessed are the merciful

Blessed are the tender ones
Who carry my mercy
In their very souls

Blessed are those who tremble
For the ones whose hearts
Have holes

For on them will always travel

Blessed are they-

My life rafts

And blessed are you as the burdens
Become too much to bear

And the broken people

Break you

Blessed are you when you are all poured out
And now lie empty

For here

Am I

Blessed are you
Child of my heart

For through you
My blessings multiply
And My Kingdom

Is incandescent.

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Blessed are the peace makers…

An excerpt from ‘The Beatitudes’. The rest can be found here;

Blessed are the peace makers…

Blessed are those whose find themselves
No longer vindicated

By the failure of others

Blessed are those whose borders lie open

And whose cartographers no longer


Blessed are those who put off
Their badge of office
And reveal who they are

Not who they want to be

And blessed are those

Who lie down like a bridge
For others to walk upon

Whose sinews take the strain

Of two way traffic

And blessed are those who seek peace
In an age of war

And speak of love
In a time of revenge

Blessed are you

Sons and Daughters

Of the Most High God

Agents of

My Kingdom