Conflict resolution in Israel/Palestine…


I posted earlier some thoughts about the situation in Gaza, and the response of Christians to Israeli aggression (See here.)

I made a parallel post within the blog network missional tribe– and mentioned a friend of ours who has just returned from Bethlehem where she was working for the Church of Scotland. Jen is not well at the moment- so here’s a prayer for her quick recovery.

Wouldn’t you know it, I had a comment from Chris Hoskins, who had met Jen on a recent trip to Bethlehem!

Chris mentioned a story of hope from Bethlehem, which I thought worth a mention. The news is still full of such pain and violence, that the hope of peace is something that seems to me to be worth nurturing wherever it is seen.

The other think that I struggle with is with my own powerlessness. The internet gives me some kind of voice, but is a passive medium for the most part. Perhaps there may be a way to lend support to something real and tangible…

I went looking for the centre that Chris described- check it out for yourself

There is some more info here and here.

May they be blessed.



Blessed are the peace makers…

An excerpt from ‘The Beatitudes’. The rest can be found here;

Blessed are the peace makers…

Blessed are those whose find themselves
No longer vindicated

By the failure of others

Blessed are those whose borders lie open

And whose cartographers no longer


Blessed are those who put off
Their badge of office
And reveal who they are

Not who they want to be

And blessed are those

Who lie down like a bridge
For others to walk upon

Whose sinews take the strain

Of two way traffic

And blessed are those who seek peace
In an age of war

And speak of love
In a time of revenge

Blessed are you

Sons and Daughters

Of the Most High God

Agents of

My Kingdom