Blessed are those who are persecuted…

Blessed are they who are persecuted because of me…

Blessed are the unfashionable

Blessed are those who dare to be


And blessed are those who receive the scorn2273church_in_poso.jpg

Of others, because they know me

Blessed are those who are guilty

By association

And blessed are those who become the subject

Of gossip

Blessed are they in stunted careers

And broken friendships

Blessed are those who

Know rejection

Because of my name

january_jan11guantanamobayarrivalproc.jpg And blessed are the prison bars

Blessed is the lash

Blessed are the roaring lions

Blessed are the broken bodies

Bless this human


Bless them in their suffering

Bless them in their pain

And give to them

The keys to my


From ‘the beatitudes’- the whole thing is here.

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