V and A post modernism exhibition…

Interesting discussion about the old P word on R4’s ‘Start the week’ this morning- relating to a new Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition of all things post modern (defined as between 1970 and 1990.)

Post modernism is a term that has rattled around the edges of so many ’emerging church’ conversations and so if it was not quite so far away I would go. Emily is going soon though with school…

Here is the blurb on the beeb-

Once described as “the Swiss Army knife of critical concepts”, Postmodernism is one of the most slippery, fragmentary and contradictory of movements. At the Victoria & Albert Museum’s new exhibition, an angular Grace Jones vies for attention with a pink granite skyscraper and David Byrne’s over-sized suit. Forged as a challenge to the orthodoxy of modernism, its style revolution came to the fore in the 1970s and 80s. The co-curator, Jane Pavitt, argues that although postmodernism is now dead, its irony, exuberance and subversion have left a lasting legacy in the world of design.

I enjoyed the discussion this morning- a few things stood out-firstly the curator, Jane Pavit was describing the early architectural movement as being almost obsessed with ruined buildings, broken things and post industrial industrial degradation. Almost as if in chewing on the END of modernism, it had to be endlessly picked over.

‘Like we have done to all things church’ I thought to myself.

The next thing that stood out was a critical voice asking a familiar questions as to whether post modernism was ever really any different from modernism- just a reformulation of the same old same old.

‘Like the whole emerging church idea is in danger of becoming’ I thought to myself.

Finally, the question was asked concerning what next? Post post modernism? The view expressed on the programme was that now all bets are off, all things are possible, and there are no uniform categories possible.

‘What does this mean for church?’ I thought to myself.


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