Kilmory Knap Chapel, and the ancient carved stones…

Some photos of a recent trip to Kilmory chapel, out along Loch Sween.

It over looks the island on which our last Aoradh wilderness retreat was held in May, but I had never been there before.

This Chapel was built in the early 13th Century, as an outlying chapel of Knapdale Parish. It fell into disuse some time around the reformation, but continued to be used as a burial ground.

It now houses a collection of carved grave stones collected from the graveyard- carved by masons on Iona, Loch Aweside and elsewhere. Many of them are glorious medieval 15th C works, with intricate knot work, or effigies of knights now long dead.

There are also standing crosses, carved with hunting scenes on one side, and a Crucifixion scene on the other.

But the most evocative stones are the early Christian ones- which marked the graves of people from the days of the missionary Celtic Saints- whose footsteps are everywhere hereabouts.

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