Autumn/Winter breaks at Sgath an Tighe…

Thought it might be worth mentioning our holiday let again- If you are considering a wee break then you might like to think about a trip to Dunoon…

The Annexe has a double bedroom and twin bunks, an open fire and a DVD player for lots of late night films with a hot toddy. At £250 a week (or £45 a night) you are unlikely to find anything of better value.

It has been really lovely to have Graham and Victoria (along with Matthew and Ben) over the last week. Graham is a minister in North Yorkshire, and blogs here. After exchanging the occasional comment we met up for a pint when we were on holiday a couple of years ago- only to discover that Victoria and I used to work together in Bolton. It’s a small world.

If you want to know more (about the Annexe, rather than Graham and Victoria) then feel free to get in touch…


2 thoughts on “Autumn/Winter breaks at Sgath an Tighe…

  1. I don’t want to know any more about me….

    It is a really good bolt hole and a unique place.

    I also like the fact that an 11 year old boy is thrown in free for net practice on a uniquely situated cricket pitch at the side of the house.

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