Glasgow food project needs your help…

If you are in central Scotland, then a project being run by St Rollox Community Outreach needs your help.

“Destitute Food and Hygiene Parcels Project”.  They now have 13 people registered as well as occasional users and, at present, are at full stretch and will have to turn away anyone else seeking to register.   There are distribution points stocked by other projects across Glasgow but destitution is on the increase amongst asylum seekers and likely to increase further if plans to give the housing contract to a security firm go ahead.

Donations of the following items are required to assist destitute refused asylum seekers who cannot return to their own countries at the present time:

Cooking oil

Dried skimmed milk

Tinned fish


Tinned tomatoes

Tomato puree





Tinned fruit

Tinned beans



Feminine hygiene items

Collection of donations can be arranged.

For further information, please contact Emma Wilson

Quote from a regular recipient of a food pack “I cannot find the words to thank you for what you are doing here for us so I simply open my heart to God in prayer because He sees how grateful I am.” (a lady in her 60s from Zimbabwe).  

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