The perils of social media for the unchaste fingers…

I was over in Glasgow today with Emily, who looks like she is going to continue her 6th year studies at a Cardonald College. It was a gorgeous hot day and we went by ferry train and bus. The first two were efficient and pleasant, the latter far less so.

At some point of the journey, as you do, I picked up an abandoned newspaper of the tabloid variety, and found myself reading about a Vicar called Paul Shakerley, a (loose) Canon of the C of E in Doncaster who (shockingly) was recorded as having a pierced tongue. Perhaps this was some kind of behaviour modification technique to control his utterances, but unfortunately he seems to have been less careful about his Facebook status updates;

“I think I will put my feet up. I’ve done f**k all today other than jazz lesson and visit a friend. I hear the fizz of tonic in my gin beckoning. Alas, I have religion tomorrow. At least I’m not preaching this week. Preaching next week at St Mary Abbotts Kensing-ton though. Best make that a good one eh?”

‘Piss myself! H, you are so funny!!! It was good to share over lunch yesterday and at the URC Homelessness “event”. I say “event”. It was hardly worship, was it?

‘I hope you managed to get home okay. It was late by the time the URC and Methodists finished. Good job we are Anglicans eh?’

The ‘do religion’ bit made me laugh out loud, as did a Facebook group he joined called ‘I want to get back with my ex…!’…LOL jk…I’d rather s*** in my hands and clap!’.

I suspect I would like this bloke. I would not want to be his Bishop though. I hope he comes through this bit of silly season journalism intact. I should add that I have absolutely no problem with a swearing vicar, and suspect that Jesus would not have either.

We people who display our lives on line- through whatever combination of narcissism, grandiosity and strivings after significance- we constantly make decisions about what is appropriate to share with others. For people like me, this all started as exercise in honest creativity, but often I find myself wondering if I expose too much.

Old habist die hard though…

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