TFT- new address…

I have now used up my ‘free’ storage space on WordPress- which means I have had to upgrade my package and start to PAY to continue to write on this site! I weighed up starting again on a new platform, but for now have decided to pay the £60 a year to go for an upgrade.

Part of this involves being able to purchase ‘thisfragiletent’ as a permanent URL. The address of this site will now just be (The old address will work too though.)

All of which forced me to review again why I am doing this- why I persist with this strange (mostly) daily addiction. I was reminded of this old post, which made reference to this list from TSK-

1. Praise (public acknowledgement) – “publish glad tidings daily”
2. Accountability. (Eph. 5: 21 “Submit yourselves to one another”, quote fromAthanasias)
3. Vulnerability (Daniel’s window)
4, Given-ness (Freely you have received, gift economyProv 11:24)
5. Creative Naming (Adam, Neighbors in Ruth)
6. Repentance (editing/deleting/changing our mind in new media)
7. Fellowship (hypertext linking, Koinonia)
8. Evangelism (storytelling, blogging from our lives)
9. Integrity (writing matches our speaking, design reflects reality)
10. Posterity. (store/guard what has been entrusted, writing history)
There was also another one: Watchfulness (“watch and pray”).

To which I added;

11. Creativity- most writers would say that words shape us as we shape them.

12. Discipline and long term commitment- blogging output varies, but it demands mostly daily commitment over a long time to develop a voice.

I think this lest still works, more or less, so blog on I will…

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