TFT- new address…

I have now used up my ‘free’ storage space on WordPress- which means I have had to upgrade my package and start to PAY to continue to write on this site! I weighed up starting again on a new platform, but for now have decided to pay the £60 a year to go for an upgrade.

Part of this involves being able to purchase ‘thisfragiletent’ as a permanent URL. The address of this site will now just be (The old address will work too though.)

All of which forced me to review again why I am doing this- why I persist with this strange (mostly) daily addiction. I was reminded of this old post, which made reference to this list from TSK-

1. Praise (public acknowledgement) – “publish glad tidings daily”
2. Accountability. (Eph. 5: 21 “Submit yourselves to one another”, quote fromAthanasias)
3. Vulnerability (Daniel’s window)
4, Given-ness (Freely you have received, gift economyProv 11:24)
5. Creative Naming (Adam, Neighbors in Ruth)
6. Repentance (editing/deleting/changing our mind in new media)
7. Fellowship (hypertext linking, Koinonia)
8. Evangelism (storytelling, blogging from our lives)
9. Integrity (writing matches our speaking, design reflects reality)
10. Posterity. (store/guard what has been entrusted, writing history)
There was also another one: Watchfulness (“watch and pray”).

To which I added;

11. Creativity- most writers would say that words shape us as we shape them.

12. Discipline and long term commitment- blogging output varies, but it demands mostly daily commitment over a long time to develop a voice.

I think this lest still works, more or less, so blog on I will…

New Aoradh website…

The community I belong to in Dunoon has an updated website! An update has been long overdue.

Check it out here.

The site started out a number of years ago on a Joomla template, set up by my mate Andy Prosser, and he helped me move it over onto WordPress, as I was much more familiar with the WP platform so could play with the templates a bit more.

Incidentally if you are looking for someone who can provide some affordable, trustworthy web development work I can highly recommend my mate Andy. He used to be an IT project manager, but stepped away from all of that in order to do youth and community development work with a Christian group called Fusion. However, to support his family whilst doing all this, Andy still keeps his hand in with web development- he is currently working with another friend of mine who is setting up a local food and produce business. They joy of the internet is that where ever you are in the world, Andy can still do the job!

Drop me a comment below and I will pass on his contact details…