Yesterday some of us spent a rather fraught few hours rushing along Dunoon’s sea front setting up meditation stuff on benches.

I walked the length of it all again today with William- it was a lovely day and lots of people were out along the seafront.

Some of the benches had already been vandalised sadly- in fact I had words with some 12 year old boys who were ripping things down as I watched. However, there is lots that is still untouched and I hope others are able to use it.

The final part is an installation in Morags Fairy Glen involving a fan of ribbons suspended high on a rope. It is simple and rather magical. It uses this poem as well (from Listing)

Against such there is no law…


Love is not against the law

Although in judicial circles

It is not encouraged


But where the Spirit of the Lord falls

Love is between us like oil on bearings


Joy is not forbidden

But wherever it breaks out

It is fragile

Like a bubble

In a pine forest


But where the Spirit of the Lord rests

Joy beats like a dancing drum in the middle of us

Calling us to dance


Peace is never prohibited

But like a dove above a shooting range

Its flight is fraught with danger


But where the Spirit of the Lord lives

The boundaries we keep are soft

And we are learning how

To forgive


Patience is permitted in most places

But only if you use it quickly


But where the Spirit of the Lord lingers

Patience is like the summer sun

Drawing out the sugars in the ripening fruit

Sweetening the harvest


Kindness is condoned even in the most unlikely places

But it will win you few contracts

And is not conducive to



But where the Spirit of the Lord comes close

Kindness kind of follows after


Goodness will not result in a jail sentence

But neither will it pay its way

In the global village superstore


But when the Spirit of the Lord smiles

Goodness becomes the common currency

Gentleness is no crime

And in many places it is a clinical necessity

But it is easily overlooked

In the shadow of another conquest


But where the Spirit of the Lord draws near

Then hands all rough from hard works

Become softened to hold

And to heal


Faithfulness is never a traitor

Yet we live like weathervanes

Spun by the seasons

To face the prevailing winds


But when the Spirit of the Lord moves

Promises no longer require the threat

Of legal recourse


Self control is thundered from the pulpit

But just in case the message falls on deaf ears

We deploy the secret pew police

Rule books at the ready

Swinging their

Truncheons of truth

To crunch the knuckles

Of the apostate


But when the Spirit of the Lord comes amongst us

There is a perfect law called…



Some photos here- click to enlarge;

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