A mouth full of marbles…

Rainbow, kyles of bute

The blog has been rather slow recently- there is a rhythm to blogging that seems to work that way- sometimes it feels like you have nothing to say.

One response to this is to write a blog post about the fact that you have nothing to say. But I would never do that of course.

The fact is, I blog primarily to reflect on who what and where I am. Sometime who I am I do not like.

I am small and shallow,

I am big like a beached whale.

My mouth is  stuffed with marbles

No wonder you look at me and sneer

I have nothing worth saying

For I am nothing

But there- enough. I write this not to wallow in my own mud – but more to honour the policy I made for myself in writing this blog, which was to be as honest as I can be. Even if this is not very.

Yesterday was dark, despite the sunshine. Today the shadows under the trees are laced with purple from the late spring bluebells. I am mercurial- sometimes I think I am better than I was, but then again perhaps not.

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we fly, at other times it is all we can do to just walk.

2 thoughts on “A mouth full of marbles…

  1. Hi Chuckles! Sounds like the crack in the goolies during cricket may also have bruised your sense of humour. Hope it returns quickly. Your chum, Simon R.

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