Brand and Paxman expose the cracks in capitalism (and ourselves.)

Emily told me to watch this.

If you have an interest in politics/economics/inequality etc, please watch it. I find myself slightly shocked at recommending a clip with a narcissistic smart mouth being interviewed by someone who uses cynicism like a rapier.

But watch it anyway.

Firstly- hooray.

Someone is shaking the tree. The video has gone viral- young people are revolting (if only by clicking the ‘share’ button.)Questions are being asked again about injustice, the operation of power, the distracting divisive effect of the media.The Occupy movement is heard of again in the mainstream media- I worried that it had been blown away like an electronic leaf in a cyber storm of ephemerality.

And perhaps most of all, a voice is speaking for the next generation – my kids – about the possibility of change. No, the NECESSITY of change. I fear that these voices have been silent, overwhelmed by consumerism and the chasing after product; be that a physical thing or a commoditised experience.


Where is the connection to action? What is the vehicle for change? What are the dangerous ideas that will inspire?

The only idea Brand seems to have is this one- do not vote. It is a waste of time.

He may be right- but what do we do instead then?

I hope and pray that my kids might start to find some real alternatives. That they might come to believe that a different world is possible.

Watching Brand and Paxman is like engaging in a conversation between myself and my daughter (in fact it resulted in just that.) Paxman and I failed; after our radicalism, things got worse. Thatcher skewed us ever further into a credit fueled consumerism. The world became more unequal, power more concentrated in the hands of the rich.

We might cast cynical glances at the ideas of the next generation, but it will be their world soon, if it is not already.

9 thoughts on “Brand and Paxman expose the cracks in capitalism (and ourselves.)

  1. I was fascinated by the interview. I thought that Brand’s main points if view were:
    – the destruction of the planet
    – the disparity between rich and poor
    – the fact that “democracy” results in institutions that favour the corporate and political elite

    But the most fascinating thing of all was the way he exhorted Osman to have the same compassion for the poor as he had for his own family. To love the stranger, the other…

    Have heard that message before somewhere!

  2. Have a growing respect for Brand (having previously had little time for him) – he wrote a stunning obituary for Margaret Thatcher and recently interviewed some folk from Westborough Baptist Church (if you don’t know it they are a group calling themselves Christian whose primary reason for existence is to hate anyone who is gay). The interview is worth watching – Brand’s understanding of the meaning of grace is something to see.

    This is an extremely thought provoking interview … although I understand his apathy to voting (I have NO idea who to vote for any more) I still think I should vote …. and I wish we had an ‘abstain’ option!! There is something of the prophetic about what he has to say … I am reminded a little of Geldof … though he engaged in actions which have made a lasting difference.

    I agree Chris – what about the vehicle for change …. we badly need one.

  3. It seems Brand was saying he didn’t know exactly what the vehicle (s) for change are. He’s just ignighting the seed of revolution–of the idea that we cannot continue to live in the dangerous illusion any longer. Seems he’s looking to those more clever than he to help create the new ways to get us out of this mess. And I’m with you in regard to our kids, may they be brave and innovative and wise enough to usher in a far more sane and productive political paradigm. Let’s all pray for the dreamers to begin dreaming.

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