Yvonne Lyon- living room gig…


What are you doing with your Saturday night (tomorrow.) Nothing special?

If you live within striking distance of Dunoon, there are still a few tickets left to come and hear Yvonne Lyon sing in our house. A tenner each for a beautiful music in an intimate and relaxed setting.

If you have not come across Yvonne’s music before (why ever not?!) then you are in an increasing minority. This is what some others have to say about it;

‘just stunning music’

– Bob Harris, Radio 2

‘listening to Yvonne is a life affirming experience. She is the bees-knees!’

– Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland

‘a fine voice…a fine album and one that is refreshingly positive’

– The Telegraph

‘this is an awesome level of talent that I cannot compare’

– Maverick Magazine – 5 stars

‘Yvonne Lyon’s continually developing songwriting sets her right at the top of the tree‘

– R2 Magazine

‘Yvonne Lyon is a wonderful talent, and name I urge you, no make that command you, to jot down in your diary. Be sure to check her out because here is a lady with class.  

– Americana UK

Yvonne is about to support Eddi Reader on her UK tour, so is used to big venues- however, hearing this intimate delicate and poetic music close up is something else- in Dunoon of all places.

Here is Yvonne and her husband David, as a taster, singing a song that has reduced me to tears;

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