Captain Pugwash comes to the Holy Loch…


We don’t get many pirates in these parts. However, a few days ago there was an incident on the Holy Loch involving the boat above.

The Glen Masson is a posh small cruise boat of the rather grandiosely named Majestic Line. It was featured in last years Visit Scotland TV ad. Here she is last spring, beached for a bit of maintainance.

Recently whilst the Glen Masson was moored up, Captain Pugwash, along with Master Mate and his swarthy (is that a racist word?) band of cutthroats climbed aboard in the dead of night and helped themselves to all manner of treasures. Triumphantly they bundled their booty and made escape towards the high seas.

Except pride comes before a fall. In their excitement at a piratical job done well, they turned left rather than right.

This meant that rather than heading towards the mouth of the Clyde (and freedom) they sailed straight up the Loch, where they ran firmly aground.


Police and coastguards did the rest. Booty has been returned, the brave pirates are clinging to bobbing flotsam…

The report from the local paper is here.

3 thoughts on “Captain Pugwash comes to the Holy Loch…

    • Chuckle- do you remember all the other names that were supposedly in the series? Seaman Stains, etc? We have a video that Will used to watch, and there certainly is lots of innuendo. My favourite was when the pirates tried to pretend to be a monster, which included one wearing a ‘tail’ that looked VERY phallic. The sailors name? “Tail man Willy.”

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