In case you missed it, it is now Spring…

rhododendron  flowers, snow, early spring … and it is perhaps just in time.

I know it has been a warm winter by most standards, but the darkness, the bare tree,; the sodden hillsides, the succession of storms – they do wear you down.

Spring is the time of yearI  love more than any other. More than the driest day of hot Summer, give me a Spring shower. Particularly one falling on the West Coast of Scotland. It is a time when my boots start to twitch to the promise of adventure. A time when things seem characterised by potential.

So my friends, may your windows be opened wide.

May your air be sweet with the song.

May you come to realise that after the heavy bloat of pregnancy, after the rending of birth, new life leaps into the fields, fresh of fur, eyes wide with wonder.

May you be drawn outside, where the world is.

The sofa will wait.

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