Our house is on the market…

sgath an tighe

take a look– if only because it is always slightly delicious to stick your nose into other people’s cupboards.

We bought this house 11 years ago, at which point only two or three rooms were usable. It had previously been a guest house/hotel but had been very much neglected. No-one else wanted it at the time. The electrics were dangerous, the roof full of holes, the was no kitchen and the whole place smelled of dereliction.

It is not like that any more.

It is not perfect of course- it would not photograph well for a posh magazine.

Shedding a house is a bit like shedding a skin. It is a strange kind of vulnerability- one that is nevertheless the only way that new skin can be revealed.

Life is not defined by the skin we wrap around it my friends.

But if you are looking for a new one, then feel free to come and talk to us…

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