Chris Wood, None the Wiser…

We need our poet-prophets. One of my favourites is the grumpy dark brown voice of Chris Wood.

His uncompromising music looks you in the eyes and snarls. It eats locusts.

Here he is once more revealing to us our collective madness;


3 thoughts on “Chris Wood, None the Wiser…

  1. Ah, Chris Wood – you’re right about the ‘grumpy dark brown voice’, and he’s a great guitarist too. I must listen to him more – I saw him in concert once as a support act, and his voice stuck with me.

    • Cheers Rachel!

      You are right about the guitar playing- although he also plays a mean fiddle. His voice and style are far too traditional for many- my wife can not stand him. he is also a brilliant song writer- this being a rather less political song that I think is brilliant;

  2. immediately felt guilty as I listened to this, with tiny headphones in my ears! What dark wet everyday cold winter images to go with the soundtrack.

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