Save Dunoon Pier…

Dunoon pier, late autumn light

Dunoon has this lovely old wooden pier at it’s centre, jutting out into the Clyde Estuary – a relic from the golden age of Clyde Steamers, when half of Glasgow took their trips doon the watter. In fact, the pier is the last surviving one of it’s type.

We have been fortunate enough to use some of the old buildings on the pier for worship/art events in the past. Piers are lovely places- neither one thing nor the other and lend themselves well to art/worship/meditation. Check out this event for instance.

Out of the front door, Dunoon pier


A couple of years ago the pier lost it’s purpose as a working landing place for the ferries- partly because of a new linkspan, but also because there is not longer a car ferry link to the town centre. It needs a fortune spending on it, and we are watching it’s slow decline into the sea, despite it being a listed building of national importance.

You can help raise concern about this pier by signing the petition intended to put pressure on Argyll and Bute council to find the resources to actually do something with the pier- to bring it back to life again…


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