N B-W shows some (tattooed) flesh…


Here is one of those problems that affects us ever more in this age of total communication, where everyone is open to 24 hour digital scrutiny;

Movements of people need leadership.

Leaders tend to fail, sooner or later (they are just like us after all.)

Nadia Bolz-Weber, Lutheran pastor of Church or All Saints and All Sinners in Denver, is undoubtedly giving leadership on some really important issues, from inside (or at least on the edge) of organised religion. Along with her faith community, she has broken open a lot of issues around inequality, greed, the destruction of the environment and (of course) homosexuality.

I believe that if we are to find a place of real change, we need leaders who will challenge and show a different way. I also believe that change requires heart, passion, spirituality, and that the this is where an encounter with the radical love of Jesus starts to break things open.

There is an interview in which she tells something of her story here. Be inspired.

But expect too that the pedestal that we place her on will inevitably crumble… but the ideas can live on through the radical tradition that she (and we) are part of, known simply as ‘The Kingdom of God’.

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