It was Aoradh Sunday today- the day in the month when we get together as a group to share food and worship together. We use a simple structure- people bring contributions for the table, and an item to use as part of a worship event- song, video clip, activity, thought, poem etc…

Today we shared communion, around a clay tablet that we had made at the last gathering (and had since been fired, glazed and mounted.) It has names of people who are involved in Aoradh, along with names of God on it. It will spend time in different homes over the next year.

It was also the gathering closest to the birthdays of two of our number, who will both notch up 50 years. That is a lot of candles. (Thanks to Sharon who supplied the cake despite not being well enough to attend herself. Get well soon…)

It was a lovely gentle afternoon and I am deeply thankful for the friends that I am surrounded with.


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