A few moments in the life of community…

A loaded Aoradh table

I have been rather post-light on this blog of late- partly because of a new job with long hours and partly because I have been investing some writing energies into a long term project that I have shelved for too long.

I thought I would post a few photos that I gathered from my camera card today. A couple of birthdays (Simon’s 50th, Emily’s 19th) and some Aoradh eventing.

Last weekend we went on our annual trip carol singing round some of the nursing homes. It is always a special time for me- sharing Christmas music with people at the end of life, often suffering from dementia, is a rare privilege that I have come to feel deeply.

After this, we gathered with almost all the Aoradh crowd to have a meal together and then to share our Christmas gifts, ‘secret santa’ style.

It made me grateful again for my little community. Despite all the busyness and the mammoth cleaning session required post even (we met at our house this year) it was quite lovely.

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