TFT Christmas card 2014…

So, another year… This will be my 8th ‘Christmas card’ I think. Happy Christmas to you all!

May you all know the blessing of simple things.

May you be drawn close to those who love you, and may you love in return.

This year I offer you a picture from here, and one of my poems, from here.

Soon, Jesus, Mary and Joseph would become refugees…


The stable, BC


Hold me close, my gentle love

The night is cold and hollow

Make me a cave

Within your arms

And deep within I’ll



See that floor all trodden down?

Let it be our carpet

Make me finest silk

Like buttermilk

From this feed-sack



Let’s whisper dreams of things to come

When we are done with caring

When what we have

Will be enough

With a little spare for



The light from stars is far away

It takes a long time falling

So just for now

It is enough

To hear your gentle






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