Snow day…


I have been doing a lot of walking recently. New year exercise resolutions and all of that. Not today though. We were due to be having a social day today, visiting friends, but against the forecast, it has been snowing hard all morning, sealing us (and the car) inside the house.

We should be out walking. Or building a snow man. Or sledging down slopes. Adventuring into the snow covered wild places hereabouts.

But instead, we are having a snow day.

Sitting watching the world as it is blanketed in beauty. All those dark browns and greys replaced by pure white.

Writing lazy poems;


Snow day

 I should be shovelling, but here we sit,

Watching the world turn white.

Warmed by each other, our

Fingers entwined around mugs of tea.

Bread is rising in the kitchen

And I hope it snows



Here is the view- from the window of course. It’s cold out there…

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