Wilderness retreat- anyone want to come?

tents, in high wind

A late shout this, but we have  few places available this year if any intrepid souls want to join us next weekend…

We will be heading out to Eilean Dubh Mor from Easdale on Saturday morning (5th May) @ 10.00, returning on Monday (7th May.)

If you are wondering what these retreats are all about, there are a few accounts of previous trips on this blog, not to mention a video that Andy did a few years ago. We tend to divide our time in half- agreeing to spend time in silence and time in community. We laugh a lot, and there are always campfires and lots of conversation. The weather can be challenging, but this time we are guaranteed a dry cave for two should they be needed.

This year we will be taking two boats, which means we have a bit more room as a couple of people have dropped out. If you are interested, drop me a comment below and I will contact you with some more details.

Cost will be just for the boat by the way- £55 each.

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