Where the streams come from, poems 5, 6 and 7…


There is a place in western sea

All blue-green colours dancing

It holds the heart in palm of ground

And is my soul romancing

And on that place a curlew curls

A song of its belonging

For it is to you my dearest one-

To your island I am coming


Part of the remit of this book was to gather some of the poems that Michaela uses in her pottery creations, which form much of the output of our business seatree. 

The medium of clay lends itself well to using short poems or even one line. It is lovely to watch how poetry is given a new life as it is shaped into clay, fired then glazed…



The winter rains are almost done

The birds now sweetly singing

The woods alive in every limb

Each leaf new life is bringing

The ancient hills are green again

The valleys now are bleating

The forest floor slumbers no more

Bluebells will soon be ringing


Arise my love, and come away

Arise my love and come away


The days are long those shadows gone

Light here around is falling

The humming hive is now alive

Lark into sky is soaring

The feet of deer will skitter here

On this bright new morning

We’ll climb up high, just you and I

The summer days are calling


Arise my love, and come away

Arise my love and come away


_IGP0736 (2)

From a place high on the upper storeys

Of bird city, he stretches out wings

White, tipped with black


Shapes the air

Catches the flow in feathers, then

Arrows through the crowded sky

Rides the wild winds blowing out west

Flies away.


A few more of M’s pots;

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