World record number of sky lanterns- in Dunoon!

Well- not quite.

But I think we may well reach the record mumber of sky lanterns ever released at one time in Dunoon this weekend.

The real world record was set below Jakarta- below. They set off more than 10,000. Which is about as many people who live in Dunoon- so perhaps we have a chance.

By the way they are falling from the sky in flame in this clip, I assume that these lanterns were not fireproofed!

3 thoughts on “World record number of sky lanterns- in Dunoon!

  1. I am dissappointed that these Lanterns are yet to be banned in this country as they have elsewhere. Landowners are experiencing harm to their animals due to metal frames and some of them that are made of parachute silk. My friends dog picked up 36 stitches after getting caught up in the remnants of one of these. I dont aim to be a killjoy but they eventually come down somewhere and to set off 10000 of them might be fun but perhaps irresponsible.

    • Hi Ron

      Very sorry to hear about your dog- and no wonder you are set against the lanterns.

      I will check out the potential impact further- but I had already made enquiries about the biodegradable aspect of our lanterns, which are made of tissue paper and bamboo- although there is indeed a little wire that attaches the candle. This wire could potentially be ingested, and as such does give food for thought…

      I suppose the reality is that most of our leisure pursuits have a cost. Fireworks? Damage to the landscape through mountain bikes ripping up lanes? Dare I even say dog fouling?

      In the light of your comments however, we will certainly review the use of these lanterns- lovely as they are. A bit late for this event though…

      Thanks for your comment.


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