Aoradh advent sky lantern launch…

We are just in after a our sky lantern launch.

It was lovely.

We have been passing out lanterns to community groups, and selling others for charity, and invited people to decorate them with prayers and hopes.

Here are a few pictures-

Advent sky lantern launch…

Aoradh are planning a massed sky lantern launch on the banks of the river Clyde as a way of celebrating the season of Advent.

In doing this, we pray that we can learn how to wait in hope for the coming of light into darkness.

This is a repeat of an event we did last year- some photos of which are here.

We will be using lanterns made from 100% biodegradable materials- with no wire that can be of potential risk to any animals.

We will be selling the lanterns at a local shop, and making others available free for schools and community groups. And profit will go to a Christmas charity.

Here is the poster-

If you are fairly local it is well worth coming to join us- the spectacle is wonderful.

And the process of making prayers that float upwards is very moving.

This is the blurb that we include with the lanterns-



The light keeps shining in the darkness, and the darkness can never put it out…


As part of our Advent festivities, Aoradh invite you to be part of a celebration of light.


Each year, we are plunged into a whirl of busyness around Christmas- all the presents we buy, the cards we send, the pressure of making ready for a feast. All these things are good, but it is so easy to lose sight of the Christ-child. We wanted to encourage one another to step aside, and reflect…


Our intention is to use these paper sky lantern as carriers of our hopes, expectations and prayers in this season of waiting, and so make our deliberate preparation for the coming Christmas.


You are invited to write prayers and thoughts on the lantern, and to be part of a MASS SKY LANTERN LAUNCH from the West Bay Dunoon, on Sunday the 12th of December, from 5.00 pm– weather permitting.


(NB We will need fairly calm, dry conditions for the mass launch to take place. If we are not able to launch on the Sunday, then we will go for 5.00 on Monday- then Tuesday and so on.)


The spectacle of a large number of sky lanterns rising over the Clyde together is something that we hope will live in our memories, as a visual reminder of the rising possibility of hope.


And of light flickering in the darkness…


Be careful as you write on the lanterns- they are fragile!



New year photos…

So, another year is on us. Welcome to 2010. It has a nice look to it as a number does it not? What will it bring?

Last night, there was a partial eclipse of the moon. The sort of thing that our forebears would have regarded as an Omen. For good, or ill- who knows?

We had a lovely evening last night- music, laughter, conversation, whisky, friendship- all the right ingredients to see in a new year in.

Oh, and we did the sky lantern thing again to send some prayers/resolutions into a clear cold night sky…

Advent prayers rising…

We are back in this evening after another day spent out on Dunoons West Bay, serving mulled wine, mince pies, and having lots of good conversations with folk as the came to collect Christmas trees.

We had also set up some meditation things, did some music (oh my fingers!) and were selling Sky lanterns with the intention of inviting people to write prayers/thoughts on them, and participate in a massed sky lantern launch.

Why did we do it?

  1. To encourage people to be reflective and conscious of the season of Advent- a way for people to become more Spiritually aware, and open again to the Spirit of God
  2. To support work to raise money for CLANN (Community leisure development) and Christian Aid.
  3. To make a lovely spectacle that will linger in people’s minds
  4. To bring people together- and allow community to flourish, in all it’s different forms

And it was great!

We had a mixed blessing with the weather- it was calm, dry, but the Clyde was masked in freezing fog, and echoing with the mournful fog horns as ships passed out to sea.

However, the sight of the lanterns going off up into the mist was wonderful- eery, moving and affecting.

What was even better was the numbers of people who came and took part this evening- from schools, community projects, families, individuals.

Michaela described one family who lit the lantern, then stood together around it as it warmed up, arms around one another in silence. Then they let the lantern rise up into the night sky. Whatever their prayers were, may they be blessed…

Here are the promised photos- Andy took some more, so I will hopefully get to post a few of his soon.

World record number of sky lanterns- in Dunoon!

Well- not quite.

But I think we may well reach the record mumber of sky lanterns ever released at one time in Dunoon this weekend.

The real world record was set below Jakarta- below. They set off more than 10,000. Which is about as many people who live in Dunoon- so perhaps we have a chance.

By the way they are falling from the sky in flame in this clip, I assume that these lanterns were not fireproofed!