The one that got me…

I live in a beautiful place. Check out the lovely Visit Cowal site here if you do not believe me.

It is something I often take for granted (for which I ask forgiveness) but at other times, it hits me between the eyes. Today there is a storm raging in from the Atlantic, and the sea is being whipped into froth and spray- despite our relatively sheltered location.

The exuberant power of it is exhilarating, but also a little frightening.

Of course, the camera comes out at times like this.

Except this time, I wandered a little close to the surf, and suddenly found myself wet above the knees.

Oh deary me, I said.

This was the one that got me-

1 thought on “The one that got me…

  1. Thanks for these Chris, but you didn’t of course (take it for granted) because you shared with us, all the magnificent, the exciting, the exuberant drama.


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