The one that got me…

I live in a beautiful place. Check out the lovely Visit Cowal site here if you do not believe me.

It is something I often take for granted (for which I ask forgiveness) but at other times, it hits me between the eyes. Today there is a storm raging in from the Atlantic, and the sea is being whipped into froth and spray- despite our relatively sheltered location.

The exuberant power of it is exhilarating, but also a little frightening.

Of course, the camera comes out at times like this.

Except this time, I wandered a little close to the surf, and suddenly found myself wet above the knees.

Oh deary me, I said.

This was the one that got me-

Stormy day on the Clyde…

We had a trip over the water today- making use of some free tickets for entry to National Trust properties that Michaela won in a competition.

A storm had rattled the old house all night, and the Clyde was still alive with it- flurries of rain, the occasional burst of autumn sunshine, and a dramatic ever changing sky…

We went down the Ayrshire coast, to Culzean Castle…

I feel a few more photographs coming on…




Another wild day on the Clyde…

View along the Clyde

View along the Clyde

Gale force winds last night again…

No Ferries, water lying everywhere, wind bashing at the leaves on the trees and hastening the autumn.


This time, we decided to watch the waves as they crashed on our little piece of shore.

Storm from the west

Pull up high the drawbridge

Batten down the hatch

Seal up all the windows

Put the door on latch

The wind moans in the chimney

Rain rattles on the glass

The surface of the water white

Fir tree thrumming like a mast

But you and me we’re grateful

For this house built on a rock

And for this wet wild Sunday

That somehow slows the clock

So let’s watch the world from distance

As it blows and bustles by

Throw another log onto the fire

And on the sofa lie