The wind blows where it pleases

Sometimes barely breathing

-hardly moving the tender grass

Sometimes raging

-bowing the trees like penitents

But no-one knows where it blows from

Or the place it now is heading

So it is with you, child of the Living God


So give yourself to the wild winds of the Spirit

Ride them like a Storm Petrel

Inches from a dancing sea

Held in the curl of creation

Full of the joy of it all


From John 3 7-9

Storm damage…

We were hit with a massive storm in the early hours of the morning – strange as there was no real prediction of the severity of this one. But we woke early to the howl of it. The window was slightly open in the bathroom and this was enough to blow the plants from the shelf. It also blew our front door open, as I had not put the bolt across.

We had quite a bit of damage outside-

William’s shed was physically moved by the force of it, and the roofing felt is in Kansas.

My workshop had roofing ripped away too.

One of our trees now lies in the neighbours garden.

We have lost a TV aerial and the satellite dish.

And, most strangely a surf board/body board appeared in our garden.

No sign of the surfer yet.

Another storm…



Ripping and rending

Bending then breaking

Scuttling and guttering

Litterbugs whirling

Hold fast to the railing-

Here comes the storm


Slates start their scissoring

Lifting and sliding

Chimney pots clinging

Open mouth howling

Insurance claims pending-

Here comes the storm


Foaming and crashing

Spray plume tongue lashing

White horses raging

Anchors are scraping

The shore all white teething-

Here comes the storm


Sirens nee-nawing

Some cars aquaplaning

Power lines sparking

Snaking and falling

Gadgets are dying-

Here comes the storm





Stormy day on the Clyde…

We had a trip over the water today- making use of some free tickets for entry to National Trust properties that Michaela won in a competition.

A storm had rattled the old house all night, and the Clyde was still alive with it- flurries of rain, the occasional burst of autumn sunshine, and a dramatic ever changing sky…

We went down the Ayrshire coast, to Culzean Castle…

I feel a few more photographs coming on…