The wind blows where it pleases

Sometimes barely breathing

-hardly moving the tender grass

Sometimes raging

-bowing the trees like penitents

But no-one knows where it blows from

Or the place it now is heading

So it is with you, child of the Living God


So give yourself to the wild winds of the Spirit

Ride them like a Storm Petrel

Inches from a dancing sea

Held in the curl of creation

Full of the joy of it all


From John 3 7-9

Blowing away the cobwebs…

This weekend our eldest nephew Josh and his girlfriend Alice are up to stay with us. It has been a great day- we took them over to Ostel Bay, wrapped up against the wild wind.

Rain hail and sleet came across a massive sky in horizontal sheets, curtaining off the island of Arran in the distance, then parting to give a tantalising glimpse through and beyond. You could lean into the wind like a cushion.


Aoradh meditation, Thursday, Psalm 148…

(Praise the LORD from the earth…)
stormy winds that do his bidding,
9 you mountains and all hills,
fruit trees and all cedars…

So I was thinking about wind-

The sort that fills a sail with purpose and

Cracks flags in front of the pavilion

That raises up a litter dervish from the gutter

And streaks hair across pretty faces

It choreographs the sway of the marram grass

And cools the evening rest


But there are other winds that scare me

Desert winds that strip the skin from bone

And clawing winds that rip the fruit from the summer trees

Shaking the cedars to their ancient roots

Katabatic acrobatic angry winds

Howling down the holy mountain


I am stirred like the sea by a distant storm

With more questions than answers

For this wind blows wherever it pleases

The sound of it is in the branches

But who knows where it comes from

Or where it is going?


So it is with every child born of your Spirit

Beckoned into the glorious uncertainty

Of the Kingdom