The Argyll forest in autumn…

Today we walked into the forest at Glenbranter.

It was a lovely autumn day, with the occasional shower serving to polish up the colours.

The trees have not yet given up the summer- some of them are still green. But others have decided to go out with a blaze of glory.

The forestry commission have worked hard to encourage people into the woods. They maintain footpaths, set up wildlife hides, and put on special events. Today there were exhibitions of birds of prey, films of ospreys and information about the experiment to re-introduce beavers to Knapdale. They have been extinct in Scotland since the 16th century, and the idea of them living in our woods again makes me happy.

So we waked past waterfalls and ate sandwiches watching the red squirrels…

And it was good to be alive.

Winter is coming. Soon the trees will be bare, and the nights cold and long. But this too will pass.

Bare branches showing

Bare branches showing
Cold winds come blowing
Stealing this year away
Curlews are calling
The light now is falling
Dark nights are drawing in

There’s a crack in the church bell
There’s ice in the stairwell
Take care my love
Take care.
Close tight the windows
The day is only shadows
Come sit by the fire
With me

The far distant hillside
Is laced up in moonshine
No thoughts of the valley
And maybe tomorrow
We can beg steal or borrow
Some time for just me
And just you

This house is now sleeping
Old floorboards creaking
The warmth’s all but gone
From the fire
So lets climb these stairs love
Dreams waiting a-bove
Let me lie in your arms

Bare branches showing
Cold winds come blowing
Stealing this year away
Chris Goan, September 2007

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First fires of autumn…

Michaela is doing a course in Perth (spirituality and bereavement) and so has been away overnight.

It has been a lovely day- the sun has been shining, but squalls come down the Clyde from time to time and the sky goes dark black.

There is a bite in the wind and the cold air carries less moisture, making each breath taste like crisp white linen.

But I miss Michaela, and tonight, I light the first fire of autumn to welcome her home.

And we will sit close

By the fire.