Happy birthday Michaela!

Today is my lovely wife’s birthday. She is 41 years young.

And I love her.


This is one of the few photos of the two of us together- taken in France last year.

Today we took a trip out for lunch in Strachur, then out to Inveraray, where we decided to be tourists for the day, and look around the Duke of Argyll’s Castle.

It was one of those horizontal rain kind of days, but in order to complete the tourist thing, Michaela decided to have an ice cream.

I am sure the hypothermia will pass…


The answer to life the universe and everything- tomorrow!


Photo from Flickr- here.

So tomorrow is my birthday. Can you guess which one? Salutations and expensive gifts gratefully accepted.

For those of you do not get the reference- then this probably to your credit (but as a clue, it relates to a story from The Hitchikers guide to the galaxy. See below.)