Wet road+45mph=ditch…

An eventful morning.

The weather has been dreadful, but I had to go to a meeting in Lochgilphead. Unfortunately I did not make it. The car pirouetted on a corner and span into a ditch.

I am fine- just a bit stiff and sore, and the car is not a write off.

On Argyll’s winter roads, walking away from an accident is something to be celebrated.

Another narrow escape!

Hmmm- I am beginning to wonder if someone as got it in for me (“Infamy! Infamy!….)

(Or perhaps someone is really looking out for me.)

I had a brush with danger again this morning. Driving on the narrow road between Arrochar and Helensburgh I encountered an articulated lorry coming the other way, filling the whole width of the road.

I was not going very fast, but our combined speed must have been around 50 MPH, and I met him on a corner.

I had a choice- the lorry or the ditch, so chose the latter.

Ripping two tires to bits in the process and bending one wheel like a banana.

And the lorry?

It did not even stop.

And no, I did not get the company or the registration.

Ah well, in this case, it is only money…

The roads of Argyll- they take their toll on us all.

But there are some compensations to being around here of course-