Our anniversary…

Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary.

And I can honestly say that despite the ups and downs of the long walk together (and to be honest, with Michaela there have been very few downs) I love her more now than ever. I am a man blessed.

I know I am biased, but Michaela is a special person. She has the gift (and sometimes the burden) of being a networker, a host, a listener and a safe place for other people. Just recently we have been so very busy and she rarely stops – either working or meeting people or reaching out in some way. Sometimes people seem to want or expect too much of her and I wish I could protect her from some of this but it is simply who she is.

Today though we are going into Glasgow together. Just the two of us. Even though we have stuff to do, it is going to be OUR time.

Autumn is almost upon us;

Bare branches showing
Cold winds come blowing
Stealing this year away
Curlews are calling
The light now is falling
Dark nights are drawing in

There’s a crack in the church bell
There’s ice in the stairwell
Take care my love
Take care.
Close tight the windows
The day is only shadows
Come sit by the fire
With me

The far distant hillside
Is laced up in moonshine
No thoughts of the valley
And maybe tomorrow
We can beg steal or borrow
Some time for just me
And just you

This house is now sleeping
Old floorboards creaking
The warmth’s all but gone
From the fire
So lets climb these stairs love
Dreams waiting a-bove
Let me lie in your arms

Bare branches showing
Cold winds come blowing
Stealing this year away

September 2007


Our anniversary…

Taken in Robin Hood Bay, outside the cottage where we had our honeymoon 20 years ago…

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary.

I can scarcely believe it.

We were young together Michaela and I- she was lovely and kind, I was awkward and mercurial, but she saw something in me that others did not.

And who I am today is formed out of what we became together. Her tolerance, my dreams. My wide horizons, her warm fireplace. Her hospitality, my shyness. My creativity, her nurturing. Her mothering, my fathering.

And lots of love.