World of wonders…

I was looking out at the night sky, now gloriously clear after the fog of the weekend. And it hit me again…

What an amazing place we stand in the middle of.

Transcendent moments like this always make me softer- more human, more alive.

At the same time, I want to share them with my friends and people I love.

And to celebrate them by allowing them to shape me into making something artistic and beautiful.

Most of all, they make me long to reach out towards the thing beyond- whom I poorly understand, but yearn for- and can only name as God.

Others tell this same story better than me- here is one of them. Forgive the Germans chattering in the background- they were not experiencing┬átranscendence. They like prog rock over there you know…

Stand on a bridge before the cavern of night
Darkness alive with possibility
Nose to this wind full of twinkling lights
Trying to catch the scent of what’s coming to be (in this…)

World of wonders…

Somewhere a saxophone slides through changes
Like a wet pipe dripping down my neck
Gives me a chill — sounds like danger
But I can’t stop moving till I cross this sector (of this…)

World of wonders…

There’s a rainbow shining in a bead of spittle
Falling diamonds in rattling rain
Light flexed on moving muscle
I stand here dazzled with my heart in flames (at this…)

World of wonders…

Moment of peace like brief arctic bloom
Red/gold ripple of the sun going down
Line of black hills makes my bed
Sky full of love pulled over my head

World of wonders…

A bit of respite from the storms- Bruce Cockburn…

It has been so wet and wild here all week. Storms and very heavy rain.

I had a wild drive to Lochgilphead today- roads awash, wipers on high speed. The Royal Navy sheltering in Loch Fyne- grey on grey.

In these dark days and long nights, we tend to close down and retire to the fireside with our thoughts. It can be so oppressive.

What we need is something beautiful to light up the soul. So here is a bit more of my favourite musician/poet, singing of a longing for something beyond…

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One minute guitar lessons…

Music kinds of ebbs and flows in my life. It is always there in the background, but at times, it moves centre stage.

For a long time, doing music (even doing bad music!) was one of the engines for life in me. I played whenever I could. I played worship music, I played in pubs, in studios, and in various collections of fellow musicians that I hesitate to call ‘bands’. Music and spirituality were intertwined- playing and singing was the way i worshiped, and the primary way I set myself to encounter the Living God.

But then something would happen to make me think that music was over for me. It may have been a constant awareness of my own limitations as a musician. Or when I moved away to Scotland. Or when I began to find ‘worship leading’ restrictive and one dimensional.

Each time, however, I found that music was not done with me.

The guitars would come out at a party and we would find something beautiful amongst all the mess of missed chords and background noise.

Or to my surprise, I would be invited to participate in other peoples events- leading to trips to the USA and Europe.

Or the loose collective of musicians that are part of ‘aoradh‘ will have another outing…

But it has been a while now.

So, time to makes some music.

Anyone else up for it?

By way of inspiration, I found these clips of some Canadian guitar players… enjoy!

A slice of idol worship- Bruce Cockburn

Here is some footage of Bruce Cockburn playing the guitar. I think this bloke is incredibly talented- both as a guitarist, and a poet. I love his lyricism, but I discovered him because he had something to say- from the tradition of the traveling troubadour/protest singer.


(He is not an idol really, but we all need hero’s I reckon!)