Pucks glen, carol singing and slipping on ice…

We have had a very busy weekend.

Yesterday we had visitors, visited, and met to do some planning for an up and coming Aoradh event. This is the event, if you are around this area over New Year-

We are excited about this event- which we will be setting up between Christmas and New Year. Unfortunately Pucks Glen, like the rest of Argyll, took a bit of a battering in the storms, as a result of which it is full of fallen trees in places. Someone has had a go at cutting them into small pieces, but in places the path has been almost swept away.


Today we fetched a Christmas tree, went for a walk to review the site of the Aoradh event, then went carol singing around some rest homes before eating together at Paul and Pauline house.

The carol singing was lovely as ever. It has become one of those highlights of Christmas. Today Paul asked all the residents in the homes to tell us the town in which they were born- there were a few locals, but many people had made long life journeys- one man was born in New Zealand.

Dunoon is sheathed in ice. A thin sheet covers everything- and because it has not been very cold today, it is just about a slippy as you could ever imagine. This means that our driveway is unusable, and we have to park at the bottom of the hill and carry things up.

Ice plus dark plus heavy loads result in large bruises. If only I was as agile as our garden guests-


Christmas turns all musical…

What a lovely day.

I have just sat down after being on the go all day- firstly to a local church where William was part of a Nativity play, and playing his Trombone-

Then home to shovel snow for a couple of hours so we could get the car down to the road.

Then around some local residential care homes for older people with some of the Aoradh crowd to sing Christmas carols- a few brass instruments, guitar, violin and piano. And all in all, it sounded lovely, considering our almost total lack of practice.

And finally to our friend’s Paul and Pauline (no they do not have a child called Paulette) for soup, and more music.

I eventually managed to persuade Emily to play some fiddle tunes, then Paul and I started singing through some old songs.

Including this one-

We had to be kicked out in the end. Ah well- good practice for New Year- if you are in the area, bring an instrument round to our house…