TFT Christmas Card 2013…

Every blessing to you all!

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If Jesus had been born in Nazareth


If Jesus had been born in Nazareth

They’d prepare the way of the Lord

The in-laws would gather, take over the manor

Joseph would just be ignored


If Jesus had been born in Nazareth

The paths would have all been made straight

The midwife would chide, send the kids all outside

A whole village would stand by and wait


If Jesus had been born in Nazareth

He’d have a fine bed for his head

But while men smoked cigars in the small local bars

He was born in a stable instead


Jesus was not born in Nazareth

This king never needed a throne

The first thing he saw was dirty old straw

Our God was a long way from home

The fragile tent Christmas card…

To all of you who read this blog- friends, people who I know through cyber space, and others who stumble across it…

Happy Christmas!

Whatever this season has become, 2000 odd years after the birth of Jesus- may you know blessing.


Evening draws in closer

Frost, it hangs like lace

Tired leaves brown and speckle

Then slowly fall from grace

It seems that spring is shackled

Summer never more will show her face.

In days like these when darkness seems

To swallow light

I offer you, my friend, this blessing.


God with us.