Commuting compensations…

Sunrise, the Clyde, western ferries, dunoon

Ask any of my friends and they will confirm that I am not a morning person. I do not like to communicate before mid morning, and sometimes then reluctantly.

At present, however, I am doing some work in Paisley, which involves getting up very early and being on the 7AM ferry, this being the only way to avoid sitting in the M8 car park of the rush hour. I get into work just after 8 and have a while before anyone else is there to practice sociability so it is not so bad.

This morning it was not bad at all. A beautiful sunrise, porpoises rolling in the calm water, even the traffic was relatively light this morning.

Unusually, I had my camera…

sunrise, the clyde,

My commute…

I spend a lot of time on the roads around Argyll. In the winter, this is a fair challenge at times- but you do get used to the long journeys. You also tend to slow down- as these roads are amongst the most dangerous in the country.

But to be in the presence of these wonderful mountains and lochs is always a blessing.

And traffic jams? Well this is one of the few that affect me- where the road has been undermined by landslips.

Not that it is ever that busy.

I have come to appreciate my time in the car, and even to feel slightly resentful when I share this time with others. It is head space- to think and listen to the radio.

And to appreciate the scenery….