Rohr on the relationship between silence and compassion…

It is raining today (here at least) and so you can’t be in the garden. The cricket and tennis are rained off and there is no point watching replays. So instead, take some time to listen to Richard Rohr speaking about how silence equips us to find the ways of justice.

I went on an 8 day silent retreat at the beginning of the year. I am still working out its impact in my life, but silence remains a hard thing to find in this age of information overload.

Rohr- silence/compassion

Charter for compassion

Following on from this post, here is another video relating to an attempt to put together a universal Charter for Compassion.

It attempts to comb together some of the common themes of compassion present in the major religions.

I can hear the cries of horror from certain Christian circles… the fear will be that such a thing might lead somehow to impurity, dilution or syncretism. But I think we have nothing to fear, and so much to gain, through meeting and sharing with people from other faiths.

Particularly in these times…